Monday, 10 April 2017

St. Peter's High School, Mazgaon - Students Session

St. Peter's High School, Mazgaon 
 Students Session

Avec organized a value oriented session for the School Leaders of St.Peter's High School, Mazgaon. In the session, Fr. Cleophas Braganza spoke about the rights of women, demonetisation, and beef ban. The session was interactive, the students engaged themselves in various debates and group discussions. The session was also very insightful and ended with a vote of thanks. Few students came forward to write about the feedback on the session.

The best part was the beef ban but the entire session was equally interesting. Rushda

 I loved the beef ban part of the session. Nehanika   

The debate was good. I also enjoyed the group session. Hamza

I really liked whatever you spoke about.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Loreto Convent High School, Chembur - Parents session

 Loreto Convent High School, Chembur 
 Parents session

AVEC  organized a three day Value Orientation Programs for the parents of students of STD I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and Kg from Loreto Convent high school. Fr. Cleophas Braganza Gave a session on brain development in children, effects of early exposure to social media, tips on parenting, how to keep children safe from social media and sexual abuse. There were interactive moments coupled with Power Point presentations and short motivational clips shown. The parents really involved themselves fully into this session.The session ended with a vote of thanks.
After the session, a number of parents came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC Log book: 
Feed back given by the parents of Kg after the session which was held on 18th February 2017

This should be done in other schools also.

It was a ve3ry good session to understand child behaviour. Thanks

It was a motivational meet
It was very informative and it was very good to be a part of this programme

The same session should be shown in the secondary section as well

Thanks for the guidance and sharing the knowledge with us.

It was a very nice session. Thank you .

Thanks for the knowledge it was very good.

The session was excellent and very informative. Thanks.

This session was excellent. It should be shown to the students as well.

Good session.

Feed back given by the parents of STD V and VI after the session which was held on 25th February 2017

Very nice. We have to think.

Very useful and a eye opening session.

 Very good seminar especially on child abuse and different stages on brain development.

Thanks to Loreto convent for the awareness programme to improve the betterment of the child.

Very nice workshop. Show this video to the girls please . we are requesting you.

Please show this video to the girls. Very nice workshop. thank you.

Very nice and useful session. Thank you.
The session was very good, informative on parenting thank you very much.

It was a very helpful seminar. Thank you.

Thanks to the principal for organizing this session. It was very helpful. Thank you.

 Feed back given by the parents of STD I and II after the session which was held on 4th March 2017
Video should be shown to students also from school.

Very good session. very useful for guidance of children.

The komal video needs to be shown to the students also. A very nice session.

Very good session.

Very good session  and a good guidance for parents also.

It was a very informative session. Helpful to apply all the information in my child’s upbringing. Thank you.

The session was very good. Need to extend this to the students. Next session I would like you to talk on peer pressure.

 Feed back given by the parents of STD III and IV after the session which was held on 4th March 2017
Good session.

Excellent session.

On behalf of all parents I would like to thank Fr. For the wonderful workshop. Looking forward for more learning workshops like this. Thank you Father!

Please conduct the same video seminar for the children too.

A very powerful session.

Excellent session, excellent for parenting. Thanks to the school faculty for conducting it.

It was a excellent seminar. Gave some good insight on how modern parents should become. These sessions should be made compulsory in all schools.

A excellent session will be happy to see you in the future .

Seminar was excellent and it helped us to know how to handle our children in future circumstances.
It was really a very good session.

It was an excellent seminar and I would suggest you to have it twice a year and in all the schools in chembur.
The seminar was very knowledgeable for the parents . Thanks a lot !

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Loreto Convent, Chembur - Teachers Session

Loreto Convent, Chembur 
Teachers Session

Forty three Teachers from the Secondary section of  Loreto Convent, Chembur , participated today in a  Teachers' Orientation Program that was organized by the AVEC team. The teachers began the session by welcoming the AVEC team  followed by an opening prayer and word of welcome. The Orientation program took place in the school auditorium,through various interactive moments coupled with PowerPoint presentations and short motivational clips. The session was taken by Fr. Cleophas Branganza . The session  ended with a vote of thanks. Many teachers took time to pen a few words of appreciation. Given below are a few of their responses:
Overall the session was excellent. It will definitely help all the teachers to inculcate values among the students and bring about a change within them. 

Truely an eye opener session.

A session that made us think. It was truely informative.

A session inspiring us to mould the child as a ‘whole’.

A session very enriching, enhancing on the necessary points of “Value Based Education”.

The session was very inspiring and enriching It is the need of the hour we really look foward to use what even we have learnt and mould the child into all round development.

The session was more practical. It thought us teachers to be real value oriented teachers. Being the need of this hour it has awakened our mind, thoughts and to grow spiritually strong in life.